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Who are we

MIKAKA SKINCARE is a danish, organic and natural skincare series developed by a family with a health background and a great passion for well-being, exalness and care for nature, animal welfare and Earth’s resources.

Lone Simonsen





Everything for the face. Organic Day Creams,
Night cream, cleanse and lip care.


Everything to the body. Organic lotion, oil and salt scrubs.


Intense and ecological care for the hands and feet.

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We will take care of you and our nature

We want to be contribute in ensuring that as many people as possible use organic skin care to take care of our health and not least take care of nature. The more people, that uses ecology, the larger the organic production in the world. By using Mikaka Skincare, you are taking care of nature, as we among others support “World forests” with the preservation of 7 KThe square-meter rain-forest per purchased product.


What we stand for

Animal welfare

Our products have not been tested on animals. We set high demands on our suppliers, hereby our ingredients are not tested on animals either.

No harmful chemical products

We use ecology whenever possible and seek targeted ecologically certified ingredients. The products are predominantly natural. If this is not possible, the ingredients will be nature identical.

Environmentally friendly & Sustainable

We include the environment and the Earth’s resources in the production of our packaging and marketing materials, which are produced CO2-neutral.

Wet & Dry Brush

Healthy Skin and Hot glow

Try our popular face brush, which is 100% natural, degradable and vegan. It can be used both as a dry brush and in wet condition, according to preferences and pleasure.

Follow the instructions on the picture and read more here:

Body Salt Scrub

Mildly exfoliating and moisturizing

Our Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub is available in three variants and is the latest launch in our product range. It gently stimulates blood circulation and effectively removes dead skin cells. Characteristically, the three variants each contain a form of clay that adds protective and nourishing minerals to the skin, which the skin among other things use as building-blocks for regeneration. The content of moisturizing oils and shea butter causes you not to need further care after the bath, as your skin will be saturated with effective care.

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