About Mikaka

Knowledge - Passion - Vision
Lone Simonsen:

Mikaka Skincare

Mikaka Skincare is a natural and organic skin care series. The products are created for you who want exclusive, caring, natural and organic products at an affordable and reasonable price. However, the low price level does not mean that we have compromised on the quality and efficacy of the products, as we love a holistic experience of pampered and caring for the body, soul and nature.

Mikaka Skincare is a family-run company where founder Lone Simonsen is a trained nurse, zonetherapist and psychotherapist. The husband and both daughters of the family contribute to the production, marketing and development of Mikaka. The oldest daughter, Signe, is educated veterinarian and the youngest daughter, Camilla, studies medicine.


We therefore have a professional knowledge and interest in human physiology, which we use in the development of our skin care products. That is why we also believe that beauty is not just from the outside, but is a combination of external and internal factors. So to boost our radiance of well-being, balance and healthy skin further, it can be an advantage among others. To spot the positive in life, drink lots of water, eat varied and with many vegetables, and exercise. The name “Mikaka Skincare” was obvious to the family business as Signe calls her little sister Mikaka.

We are proud and happy with the outcome of Mikaka Skincare, and we hope that the products meet your expectations of exclusive skin, just as they have lived up to ours.

Producer and responsible person: Lone Simonsen

Only the best

Carefully selected ingredients

Our products contain:

  • No parabens
  • No endocrine disruptors
  • No artificial colors and fragrances
  • No alcohol
  • No petrochemicals


Mikaka Skincare is primarily produced from natural ingredients, and we only use organic oils, plant and herbal extracts where possible. We choose our suppliers carefully and seek targeted organic certified ingredients.

There may be some ingredients that do not originate from nature, as this is not possible. However, these individual exceptions are inherently identical. For example, benzyl alcohol appears naturally in e.g. strawberries, which we use as preservation.
The products are primarily handmade, where the ingredients and composition of the individual products are carefully selected for impact, texture and fragrance. The mild scent of our products derives exclusively from organic essential oils, which are extracted from plants and are therefore natural. We would like to point out that individual individuals may be allergic to essential oils, natural perfumes and benzyl alcohol.
Since our products are natural and organic, the color of the products may vary, which depends on the weather and conditions of the individual ingredients that we use.

Our very own

Design and production

The idea of Mikaka Skincare arose when Camilla often responded to the purchased creams as she has sensitive skin in the face. Thus arose the desire to produce products ourselves, and see if it was possible to make a product that she could tolerate and at the same time also be familiar with what ingredients the product consisted of. We have succeeded to such an extent that we also want to let others enjoy it!

The way forward to the final compositions of ingredients has been long, as we do not in any way wish to compromise on the quality of the various aspects of the production and use of creams and associated packaging. It is important for us to make unique and distinctive products, which are rapidly absorbed and at the same time provide intense care and moisture, as well as a soft and radiant skin.

In addition to the effect on the skin, we want to give you a complete experience of our skin care products, which is why we are particularly interested in putting together and adding unique and gentle fragrances to the products. We are constantly evolving and always in search of optimizing from new knowledge, so that we can offer you exquisite indulgence with care for nature, environment and animal welfare.

The design was developed by Camilla and reflects Mikaka Skincare as a natural and organic skin care series with a simple and natural expression, that focuses on exclusivity with a Nordic touch.

Mikaka Skincare Skin care products are included in laboratory control, where they are approved through a safety test. This means that they are stability-tested for durability; Safety-tested for hazardous and toxic substances; And challenge tested for bacteria and mold testing. All tests of the products are approved.


Our concern for

Nature, animal welfare and earth resources

We want to be instrumental in making as many people as possible want to use organic skin care in order to take care of your health and not least take care of nature. Therefore, we try to keep prices down and create products that can be used by all skin types.

By applying skin care from Mikaka Skincare you help to take care of our nature, provide a supplement to animal welfare and take into account the Earth’s finite resources. We donate 5% of our annual profits to sustainable projects, charity and animal welfare. In addition, you contribute to the preservation of the 7 square meters rain-forest in Nicaragua per purchased product via the “world forests”.

In addition to prudence in the choice of ingredients, we also have a strong focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly material for our packaging and marketing material, which simultaneously radiates indulgence and exclusivity of the highest quality. The packaging for the boxes is produced by sustainable forestry with water-based pressures, and we use recycled paper for our marketing material, which is produced CO2 neutral and is FSC certified. The plastic packaging is mainly PET plastic, which is easily recyclable. Thus, we incorporate our thoughtfulness into all processes during the development of the finished skin care product.