The Night cream contains 14 active ingredients. Including organic extract from Pomegranate, which has a regenerative and sedative effect. AHA fruit acid, which is found naturally in sugar cane and citrus fruits, actively removes dead skin cells, boosts cell renewal and stimulates the skin’s production of collagen and elastin. This recreates the elasticity of the skin and therefore acts as a natural face lift. The cream contains organic oils from Argan, apricot, almond, coconut and sunflower, which together have a great many qualities for caring for the skin, each with its own unique function. In addition, vitamins A + B + E as well as squalane from olives have been added, respectively. Boosts the skin with protective antioxidants and helps the ingredients faster and deeper into the skin’s layers. The natcream has a mild scent of various herbs and flowers.

Use: Applied to the face/neck after the night. Can occasionally be used as day cream if you want more intense care during the day.