Day Cream-Camomile & Calendula, 50 ml

185,00 DKK


A very caring and organic day cream with soothing ingredients.


  • Can be used by all skin types.
  • Contains four organic oils as well as softening shea butter, all contributing to intense skin care and maintaining skin moisture.
  • Organic soothing and healing chamomile flower, marigold and green The extract as well as vitamin B + E enriches the skin with protective antioxidants have been added.


The Day-cream contains organic chamomile and morsel extract. Both have a calming effect on the skin, which makes the cream suitable for sensitive skin (does not involve skin with a tendency to allergy). It contains green the extract, which is good against damaged and stressed skin. The content of organic Shea butter makes this day cream very soothing and softening. Of organic oils, the day Cream contains Argan, apricot, almond and sunflower oil, all of which in each way contribute with protective vitamins and antioxidants as well as soothing fatty acids. Additional Vitamin B + E has been added to boost the skin with additional antioxidants. The content of squalane from olives helps ingredients faster and deeper into the skin’s layers. The day-cream has a mild scent of chamomile flower, marigold, Apple Flower and a touch of vanilla.

Use: The day-cream can be used by all skin types and is especially suitable for sensitive skin. Apply to the face and neck after washing/cleaning or when needed. The cream can be advantageously used with drops of Face Oil if your skin needs extra care.