Cleansing Foam-Witch Hazel, 150 ml

125,00 DKK


An ecologically mild and moisturising cleansing foam that can be used to cleanse the skin gently and remove mild make up.


  • Removes gentle impurities and has an anti-bacterial effect.
  • Contains organic hydrogoths from chamomile flower, lavender, rose and troll hazel that gently nourishes the skin.
  • Soothing Aloe vera juice and glycerine have been added to add moisture to the skin so that it does not dry out.


This mild cleansing foam contains the mildest form of soap and it does not flicther in the eyes. It contains organic hydrogoths from chamomile, lavender, rose and troll Hazel. The hydrolates have a different positive effect on the skin, as they include: Soothing, purizing, refreshing and antibacterial. The cleansing foam moisturises the skin via glycerine. It contains aloe vera juice, which has a high content of vitamins and minerals and acts healing, soothing and softening on the skin.

Use: Moisten the face with lukewarm water and massage cleaning foam directly or via a sponge into the skin. Rinse with water. Can also be used for shaving.