Day Cream-Coco & Mango, 50 ml

175,00 DKK


A light and fresh organic day cream that is rapidly absorbed into the skin.

  • Can be used by all skin types.
  • Contains organic cold-pressed coconut oil and mango butter, which is moisturizing, soothing and softening and protective.
  • Vitamins B + E, as well as squalane from olives, enrich the skin with protective antioxidants and help ingredients faster and deeper into the skin layer.






The day cream contains only oils extracted from coconut. Including organic virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, which in itself is quite softening and moisturizing. Coconut is also characterized by the fact that it is rich in vitamins, nursing fatty acids and protective antioxidants. Coconut also has an antibacterial effect, which makes it suitable for impure skin. The day Cream contains mango butter, which is also rich in the good fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins and is very softening. Vitamin E and Squalane (from olives) have been added, which is already a natural part of the skin and which acts as protective and softening. The Day-cream has a scent of mild coconut, which derives from the oil itself, and orange as the primary fragrance note.

Use: The day Cream can be used by all skin types and especially if you want a product that sucks very quickly and does not seem fat. Apply to face and neck after cleaning/washing or when needed. The cream can be advantageously used with drops of Face Oil if your skin needs extra care.