Face Mist-Cucumber & Gojiberry, 150 ml

125,00 DKK


An ecologically refreshing and moisturizing facemist, which can be used as toner after clean, for removal of light make-up or as moisture supply.


  • Booster Skin with protective antioxidants
  • Contains organic hydrogoths from chamomile flower, lavender, rose and troll hazel that gently nourishes the skin.
  • Soothing Aloe vera juice and moisturizing glycerin are added as well as organic extracts from cucumber and goji berries, respectively. and enriches the skin with vitamins.


Face Mist contains four organic hydrogoths from Chamomile, rose, lavender and troll hazel. The hydrolates each have a positive impact on the skin, as they include: Soothing, refreshing, purizing and antibacterial. The Misten contains the moisturizing glycerin and ecologically firming and refreshing cucumkextract. In addition, organic extract from the superfruit goji berries, enriches the skin with protective antioxidants and vitamins, has been added. The Facemisten has a mild scent of the added Hydrolater.

Use: Used as a refreshing and moisturizing mist, which tones after the cleaner or as easy make-up removes. To be applied when needed.