WET & DRY Brush-Peeling & Stimulating

285,00 DKK


The WET & DRY Brush is for you who want a great beauty tool to get your skin refreshed with renewed life and glow. The brush effectively removes old skin cells and impurities, stimulates the blood flow, and thus has a vitalizing effect.

The Mikakas facial brush is unique, as it can be used both as a dry brush and in wet condition, where it can be used with a normal cleaning product.



The brush is produced from the finest Vega fibers as well as thermo beech. Thermo Beech provides increased durability, and the beech comes from sustainable forestry. In connection with the production of the brush, there is an increased focus on reduced consumption of energy. All components of the brush are of natural origin and nothing comes from animals. The box also comes from sustainable forestry and is with environmentally friendly water-based glue and pressure.

The brush is 100 degradable.

Use: Can be used approximately 2 times weekly by dry brushing and daily as wet peeling. After use in wet condition, the brush is dried with the brushes downwards. Circulate/brush on the picture with 2-3 strokes each place.