We Care

We can make a difference

Waste in nature is a global problem where plastics are one of the great culprits whose production is continuously increasing. Decaying plastic in nature and the sea is slowly degraded by the environment and the sun, transforming it into the environmentally damaging microplastics, which can have a major impact on nature, animals and humans.

By recycling plastic packaging from e.g. Skin care industry, it can help to produce fewer quantities of new plastics, which will reduce the volume, dumped in the sea and in our nature. In addition, less CO2 is emitted in the production of plastics from Recycled plastics.

If we all make a little effort, it can turn into much in the big picture and contribute significantly to reducing the amount of used plastic in nature. The majority of our packaging is recyclable and you can separate our bottles and jars. Simply rinse the individual parts and then deliver it for reuse; As simple as that! Please note that some of the pumps may contain a small plastic ball. It shouldn’t end up in the sea damaging the fish.